Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research Faculty of Engineering
Material Science (Cream Energy Research Center)


Inukai Junji

Other affiliation / position

  1. Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research Faculty of Engineering Material Science (Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center) 教授


  1. Keio University Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology Research Associate 1992/04/01-1994/07/31
  2. Tohoku University Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering Research Associate 1994/08/01-2002/03/31
  3. Japan Science and Technology Agency Sakigake Researcher 1999/10/01-2002/09/30
  4. University of Tohoku Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering Lecture 2002/04/01-2003/08/31
  5. Tohoku University New Industry Creation Hatchery Center Associate Professor 2003/09/01-2006/01/31
  6. University of Illinois Department of Chemistry Visiting Researcher 2005/01/07-2006/01/05
  7. University of Yamanashi Clean Energy Research Center Research Associate Professor 2006/02/01-2008/03/31
  8. University of Yamanashi Clean Energy Research Center Research Professor 2008/04/01-2009/03/31
  9. University of Yamanashi Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center Research Professor 2009/04/01-2017/03/31
  10. University of Yamanashi Clean Energy Research Center Professor 2017/04/01

Academic background

  1. University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science Department of Chemistry Master course 1989/03/31 Completed Japan
  2. University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science Department of Chemistry Doctor course 1992/03/31 Graduated Japan

Research Areas

  1. Physical Chemistry Surface Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell, Catalysis

Research keywords

  1. Surface, Interface, Chemistry, Reaction, Instrumental Development

Subject of research

  1. Development of Analytical System for Fuel Cells 2006
  2. Reaction analysis inside Fuel Cells 2006
  3. Structural Analysis of Fuel Cell Materials 2006

Proposed theme of joint or funded research

  1. Development of Analytical Instruments
  2. Structural and Reaction Analysis of Materials

Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds)

  1. Structures and Distributions of Materials inside Batteries and Fuel Cells Analyzed by New Analytical System Combining AFM and Non-Linear Raman Spectroscopy Science research expense 基盤研究(B) 日本学術振興会 科学研究費補助金 2016/04/01-2019/03/31


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Copolymers Composed of Perfluoroalkyl and Ammonium-functionalized Fluorenyl Groups as Chemically Stable Anion Exchange Membranes Mizuki Ozawa, Taro Kimura, Ryo Akiyama, Junpei Miyake, Junji Inukai, and Kenji Miyatake BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 2017 0009-2673
  2. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Phase separation and ion conductivity in the bulk and at the surface of anion exchange membranes with different ion exchange capacities at different humidities Taro Kimura, Ryo Akiyama, Kenji Miyatake, Junji Inukai JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES 2017/06/27 0378-7753
  3. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Visualization of the Oxygen Partial Pressure on the Gas-Diffusion-Layer Surface under the Single-Serpentine Flow Channel and the Ribs in a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell during the Power Generation Kazuhiro Takanohasih,Makoto Uchida,Akihiro Iiyama,Junji Inukai Journal of Surface Finishing Society of Japan 68/ 6, 338-343 2017/06/01
  4. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Simultaneous visualization of oxygen partial pressure, current density, and water droplets in serpentine fuel cell during power generation for understanding reaction distributions Kazuhiro Takanohashi, Takeo Suga, Makoto Uchida, Toshihide Ueda, Yuzo Nagumo, Junji Inukai, Hiroyuki Nishide, Masahiro Watanabe Journal of Power Sources 343, 135-141 2017/03/01 0378-7753
  5. (MISC) Introduction and explanation (scientific journal) Only 電流検出型原子間カ顕微鏡を用いた固体高分子形燃料電池用電解質膜表面におけるプロトン伝導パス観察 犬飼潤治 表面科学 37/ 10, 499-503 2016/10/01

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(general) 光学プローブを用いたoperand酸素分圧測定によるPEFC内振動現象の解析 電気化学会第84回大会 2017/03/25
  2. Oral presentation(general) In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Analysis of CO Adsorption at a Stabilized Pt Skin-PtCo Alloy Hydrogen Anode Catalyst 電気化学会第84回大会 2017/03/25
  3. Oral presentation(general) Ptx-Coy合金単結晶電極表面構造解析による酸素還元活性向上因子の検討 表面技術協会第135回講演大会 2017/03/09
  4. Oral presentation(general) 低温起動時における固体高分子形燃料電池ガス拡散層表面の酸素分圧可視化 第36回真空・表面科学学術講演会 2016/11/29
  5. Oral presentation(general) 発電中における固体高分子形燃料電池内ガス拡散層表面・内部の光学プローブを用いた酸素分圧測定 第36回真空・表面科学学術講演会 2016/11/29

Intellectual property rights

  1. Patent 温度計測用プローブ 特願2016-077567 2016/04/07
  2. Patent マイクロプローブを利用した内部計測装置 特願2015-031834 2015/02/20
  3. Patent ガス流路構造および燃料電池 特願2014-184706 2014/09/10
  4. Patent 燃料電池セルおよび燃料電池反応計測装置 5581547 2014/07/25


  1. 講演奨励賞(スチューデント部門) 発電中における固体高分子形燃料電池内ガス拡散層表面・内部の光学プローブを用いた酸素分圧測定 2017/05/20
  2. 学術奨励講演賞 Ptx-Coy合金単結晶電極表面構造解析による酸素還元活性向上因子の検討 2017/03/10
  3. PEFC16 Poster Award Systematic Studies on the Phase Separations at Bulks and Surfaces of the Anion Exchange Membranes with Different Polymer Structures 2016/10/05

Joint research with off-campus or faculty, etc. outside of the organization

  1. 2017/04/01-2020/03/31 ボッシュジャパン Representative
  2. 2017/04/01-2019/03/31 高輝度光科学研究センター Representative
  3. 2017/02/01-2017/06/30 トヨタ自動車 Representative
  4. 2016/10/01-2018/03/31 理化学研究所 Representative
  5. 2016/07/24-2019/03/31 豊田工業大学 Representative 走査プローブ顕微鏡を用いた表面化学分布解析

Alloted class

  1. 環境科学特論
  2. 表面・界面科学特論第一
  3. 表面・界面科学特論第二

Instruction results

  1. Master's dissertations guidance 2017 1
  2. Doctoral dissertations guidance 2016 1
  3. Master's dissertations guidance 2016 2

Social Contribution

  1. 平成29年度 燃料電池関連製品開発人材養成講座 2017/06/22-2017/06/22
  2. ビジネスチャンス直行便(山梨中央銀行) 2016/09/10-2016/09/20
  3. 鍍金の世界 インタビュー 2016/05/09-2017/02/16

Memberships of academic societies

  1. 日仏工業技術会
  2. International Society of Electrochemistry
  3. Electrochemical Society
  4. 放射光学会
  5. 表面技術協会

Committee outside the campus

  1. 表面技術協会 常務会 2017/04/01
  2. 日本学術委員会 第190委員会 2016/04/01
  3. 表面技術協会 アカデミック実行委員会 2016/04/01
  4. 表面技術協会 学術委員会 2016/04/01
  5. 日本表面科学会 出版委員会 2015/04/01