Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research Faculty of Engineering
Materials Science (Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center)


Kakinuma Katsuyoshi


  1. 神奈川大学工学部応用化学科(現物質生命化学科) 助手 1998/04/01
  2. 横浜国立大学工学部 非常勤講師(兼任) (2006年3月迄) 2003/04/01
  3. Assistant professor 2007/04/01
  4. Associate professor 2008/04/01
  5. Professor 2011/04/01

Academic background

  1. Tokyo University of Science 1993/03
  2. Tokyo University of Science 1995/03
  3. Tokyo University of Science 1998/03

Academic degrees

  1. Dr of Engineering 東京理科大学 1998/03

Research Areas

  1. 機能材料・デバイス Physical Chemistry of Solid,Inorganic Chemistry,Fuel cell

Research keywords

  1. Fuel Cell,Cathode, Electronic conductivity, Ionic conductivity, Nano materials, Ceramics

Subject of research

  1. 燃料電池用新規カソード触媒及び担体の開発


  1. Influence of Pt Loading and Cell Potential on the HF Ohmic Resistance of an Nb-Doped SnO2-Supported Pt Cathode for PEFCs Yuji Chino,Katsuyoshi Kakinuma,Donald A.Tryk,Masahiro Watanabe,and Makoto Uchida Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 163/ 2, F97-F105 2016/01/01
  2. Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity and Durability of Pt Catalysts Supported on Titanium Carbide Morio Chiwata,Katsuyoshi Kakinuma,Mitsuru Wakisaka,Makoto Uchida,Shigehito Deki,Masahiro Watanabe,Hiroyuki Uchida Catalysts 5, 966-980 2015/06/01
  3. Novel strategy to mitigate cathode catalyst degradation during air/air startup cycling via the atmospheric resistive switching mechanism of a hydrogen anode with a platinum catalyst supported on tantalum-doped titanium dioxide Haruhiko Shintani,Yuya Kojima,Katsuyoshi Kakinuma,Masahiro Watanabe,Makoto Uchida,Makoto Uchida c, * Journal of Power Sources 294, 292-298 2015/06/01
  4. Performance of practical-sized membrane-electrode assemblies using titanium nitride-supported platinum catalysts mixed with acetylene black as the cathode catalyst layer Haruhiko Shintani,Katsuyoshi Kakinuma,Hiroyuki Uchida,Masahiro Watanabe,Makoto Uchida Journal of Power Sources 280, 593-599 2015/02/01
  5. Effects of short-side-chain perfluorosulfonic acid ionomers as binders on the performance of low Pt loading fuel cell cathodes Young-Chul Park,Katsuyoshi Kakinuma,Hiroyuki Uchida,Masahiro Watanabe,Makoto Uchida Journal of Power Sources 275, 384-391 2015/01/01


  1. 電気化学会・進歩賞「佐野賞」 2005/03
  2. 第10回日本MRS学術シンポジウム研究奨励賞 1998/12

Memberships of academic societies

  1. 日本セラミックス協会 2000/03
  2. 固体イオニクス学会 1998/04
  3. 電気化学会 1998/04
  4. 日本化学会 1997/04